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We are aware, the world of ICT might not always feel like a Wham! party, but let’s challenge those perceptions. Envision yourself as in a virtual journey. We’ve assembled a seasoned crew that you would enlist for the ultimate digital showdown. Our track record reads like a strategy guide for success, tailored to level up your software scene. Need an expert? We’ve got the equivalent of Magnum-meets-Sonny Crockett-meets-Knightrider’s Kitt, or we’ll carefully curate a squad that twirls the moustache on your project. With over a decade of consulting, mastering projects, software craftsmanship, and functional finesse, we’re the avatars poised to conquer the IT realm.



We’re the masterminds behind game-changing maneuvers. Transforming teams? That’s our high score move. Our coaches and Scrum Masters are the Konami Code masters who’ve unlocked every secret – from LeSS/SAFe to CSM, Insights, Sociocracy3.0, and even some ninja vanishing tricks.



Waterfall / Agile or Hybrid our experienced managers can help, regardless the required methodology. From a small project from 100 mandays to multi-year programs or even setting up PMO. We got you covered.



Unleash the poten2al of software development with Ravio’s crew. With our developers ready to hit the joystick, we cover everything from .NET to JAVA, Javascript to BI, Big Data to AI – we’re the button-mashers creating solutions that pack a punch like Donkey Kong barrels.



In the intricate world of Telecom, Ravio emerges as the architects of progress. Like Indiana Jones navigating complex mazes, our team maneuvers through the ever-evolving Telecom landscape with finesse. We’re not just consultants; we’re the strategists who decode the intricate patterns of the Telecom universe. Whether it’s optimizing network infrastructures, pioneering cutting-edge technologies, or orchestrating seamless communication solutions, we are the telecom trailblazers. With a knack for foreseeing industry shifts and a penchant for innovation, we make sure your Telecom journey is as smooth as a well-played Warcraft-game level. At Ravio, we’re not just staying ahead of the curve; we’re creating it.

Data & business


Data & Business Intelligence is akin to the rhythm and groove of an 80’ies Survivor song, and at Ravio, we take center stage as the maestros of information. In the The Eye of the Tiger, we skillfully harmonize data, transforming it into the strongest melodious insights. Our team isn’t just fluent in data; we dominate the charts of data-driven strategies. Whether it’s decoding market trends, optimizing operations, or predicting future movements, we’re rising up to the challenge of our rival. In a world where information is the new currency, Ravio ensures you’re always in tune with the latest hits of insights.