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Imagine a blend of calculated maneuvers, meticulous planning, and a spark of resourcefulness. And just as you thought it couldn’t get more fascinating, we unveil an array of unexpected strategies. Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? Consider us Hannibal Smiths on a mission to spotlight that genuine progress thrives on collaborative endeavors.

Remember those days when you navigated platforms solo, rescuing ‘Pauline’ from Donkey Kong? Didn’t you secretly wish for a reliable team back then? Exactly. Teamwork here isn’t just empty talk; it’s the driving engine of our progression, pushing us ahead like the electrifying surge of triumph.

Talent: casting call for IT aces

Step into the world of IT Aces and discover your inner IT maverick! Ravio’s screen awaits your grand entrance. Whether you’re a fresh newcomer, an old-school pro, or a freelance legend, we have the perfect role to match your unique style. One day, exude the suave swagger of Gable; the next, charm with Chaplin’s charisma, and occasionally, sprinkle in a touch of Dali’s eccentricity. Just when you think it can’t get any more diverse, we’ll surprise you with Borat-level humor. While we may not have rockstars with mustaches, we certainly know how to turn up the volume on teamwork. From your very first quest to the most challenging side missions, we’ll be your trusted in-game guides, ensuring you’re geared up to conquer those high scores. Join the IT Aces and bring your IT talents to life!”



Antony Lemmens
managing director
Always trying to do good, riving for the win-win.
HR officer
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marketing & hr officer
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